Group Classes

Group Classes are a wonderful way to enjoy yoga with the energy of others in a larger group setting.

“For where two or more of you are gathered in My name, there I am among you.” (Matthew 18:20)


What to expect from a Group Class:

  • A warm, inviting atmosphere where you can explore your body in the company of other like-minded students
  • Classes taught from a Christian perspective where the focus is on worship and the yoga comes secondary
  • In classes not taught from a specifically Christian perspective, you know you are learning from a Christian instructor who has your Spiritual best interest at heart
  • No ohm-ing or chanting to other deities; just safe, alignment based yoga taught from a heart set on Christ


If you are interested in bringing Yoga from a Christian Perspective to your church or community, I’d love to talk to you!

Please contact me and we’ll get started!

Browse my current group class and workshop schedule here…see you on your mat!


Core Strength Flow

Core Strength Flow is a powerful, alignment based vinyasa flow class targeting the deep core muscle line of the body.  By accessing these underused and underdeveloped muscles, we learn how to move from the inside out, creating a stronger, breath-focused practice while decompressing the joints

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Yin Yoga is a meditative practice targeting the connective tissue and fascia, most notably in the hips and low back, where the energy pathways lie.  By slowing down the practice and holding poses for long periods of time, we can work these tissues and create openness and space within the body in a mindful way

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