Workshops offer the opportunity to explore aspects of your yoga and meditation practice more deeply in a smaller, more intimate group setting.

Each workshop has been thoughtfully designed with the Christian yoga student in mind, and therefore is offered from a Christian perspective.


What to expect from a Workshop:

  • A longer time allotment than a group class allows for deeper exploration into a particular aspect of your practice
  • Focused attention on the topic without other distractions
  • A relaxed environment which encourages questions and dialogue
  • The energy of a small group setting which allows for more individualized instruction


Please read the workshop descriptions below, and click here to see the dates and locations of currently scheduled workshops.

If you are interested in bringing one of these workshops into your church or community, please contact me and we’ll get it on the schedule.

I look forward to hearing from you, and helping you deepen your practice in a mindful way!

Transformed Bodies, Renewed Minds: Introduction to Christian Yoga and Meditation

An introduction to learning about worshiping our Lord Jesus Christ through yoga and meditation based on Romans 12:1-2. Transform your body as you are guided through a beginner-friendly yoga flow set to contemporary Christian music, and renew your mind as you are led in a relaxing Scripture-focused guided meditation.  Experience the health benefits of yoga and meditation and the spiritual benefits of focusing your mind fully on Christ.  A great way to bring Yoga from a Christian Perspective into your community, you will leave feeling refreshed, renewed, and filled with God’s peace.

2 hours

None Currently Scheduled-Contact Me if Interested!

A Pleasing Aroma: Essential Oils of the Bible

Essential oils, the healing, life essence of plants, have been used since Biblical times for healing and anointing. In this workshop, we will explore how incorporating these oils, especially oils used throughout the Bible, into our yoga practice can help deepen our mind/body connection, elevate our mood, and enhance our spiritual intimacy with the Father.  Based on James 4:8, we will engage in a beginner-friendly detoxifying flow sequence followed by a relaxing period of yin/restorative postures, incorporating different oils to help calm the mind and rejuvenate the body. By inhaling and applying these oils periodically during the practice, we can experience deeper awareness, peace and connection with the Holy Spirit. We will close with Scripture meditation to seal our communion with Jesus and each other.

**Not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing.**

2-2.5 hours

None Currently Scheduled-Contact Me if Interested!

The Anatomy of Flow: Foundations of Yoga Series

Have you been practicing yoga for a while and want to make sure that you are practicing your poses safely and correctly?  Or have you wanted to begin a yoga practice but are unsure where to start?  This Foundations Series is designed specifically for anyone wanting a step-by-step review of the basics and to learn how the body moves safely in and out of different postures.  In just a few short weeks you will walk away with a strong foundation in the fundamentals of basic yoga postures, breathing, and alignment. Upon completion you will have the knowledge and confidence to be comfortable walking into any open-level yoga class, and be certain that you are practicing each pose with proper safety and alignment techniques.   A fun and informative series!

6-8 week series, 1.5 hours each session (1 session per week)

None Currently Scheduled-Contact Me if Interested!
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